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Sometimes you need some breakfasty, brunchy goodness to round out a day and man have we got a truck for you!  Sucker Brunch is ready to slap you upside the head with amazingly cool dishes that are made for breakfast but I'm just gonna say they are great any time of day! 

They do dish called the BFD, and yes it is a big freaking deal, because its BREAKFAST FOR DINNER.  But I'd just as soon eat it for breakfast yall because that's just how we roll, get it, food truck... roll, see what we did there?

PRO TIP:  When you see they have ANYTHING with pimento cheese on it, just get it.  I don't care if they are putting that stuff on pancakes (which I will now be requesting next time I'm ordering) you just get it, because its that good.  If fact, get some pimento cheese to dip your pimento cheese in!