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That Awesome Taco Truck offers upscale, creative interpretations of classic Mexican street food. Chef/owner Danny Bua Jr. brings two decades of experience in award-winning and high-end fine dining to the streets of Nashville, offering distinctive, flavorful gourmet tacos, seasonal sides, and tempting tamales. 

We love Danny and love his take on Mexican food mixed with the Boston attitude he brings to everything he does! 

PRO TIP:  We haven't had anything from TATT that we haven't loved, but DO NOT skip the Mexican Cracker Jack. This stuff is so addiciting! You'll want a bag for today and a bag for tomorrow! 

 "I think the cute little unicorn with the rainbow horn is meant to symbolize the feelings you’ll have on the inside when you bite into one of their awesome tacos. To wit: the crispy chicken and carrot carnitas taco comes with salted avocado, ranchy kale, pickled onions and crispy pork skins. I mean, what even IS this place? It’s rainbow-topped unicorns, baby. "  -- Ellen Margulies, The Tennessean